D. Wylie Associates

D. Wylie Associates

D. Wylie Associates is a consulting firm established in January, 1997 to provide transportation human factors research, driver fatigue consulting, and expert witness services for defense and plaintiff’s counsel, insurance companies, the transportation industry, and government departments of transportation. D. Wylie Associates has served the U.S. Department of Transportation, Transport Canada (Canada’s counterpart to the US Department of Transportation), the California Department of Education, and hundreds of defense and plaintiff’s attorneys.

Dennis Wylie

Dennis WylieDennis Wylie is the firm’s principal consultant. He is a board-certified professional ergonomist with more than 40 years’ experience as a human factors/ergonomics specialist. A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara , he joined the pioneering firm of Human Factors Research, Inc. in 1967, where his mentors in human factors were some of the founders of that branch of science. He specialized in vigilance and operator performance, and in the last 25 years has focused on human factors in driving. He was Vice President and Senior Staff Scientist of Human Factors Research, Inc., and a Principal Scientist at Essex Corporation before starting his own firm in 1997.

Selected Publications by Dennis Wylie

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